Get to know Lu...

Architect major with a minor in Electronic Design. Freelance furniture designer and painter.

Art has always been my escape from reality. I am constantly amazed at how every one of my designs are a reflection of me from the time and space I created them. Being surrounded by architects and furniture designers throughout my life, I developed an appreciation for form and space early in my childhood. My passion for architecture grew even more once I began understanding the power an architect has on altering people's lives. I've seen this phenomena happen with people living in below standard conditions, to luxury houses and cities. Architecture can make a person release different types of emotions, connect to each other, connect to the past, to their present moment, express themselves, feel safe, feel in danger, and much more. An architect for me is like a small god. Creating different realities and environments in which people dwell in.
Having set this, my goal as an architect is to give a part of me through my designs in such a way, that the spaces I create will not only improve human conditions, but shape their lives.

"Passion is giving back your talent to the world, and leaving this place a little better just because you were here" - Lucia Landivar